Grant Funding Isn't Totally Free.
Understanding the Strings Attached To Your Grant Award.

Cover Understanding StringsYou might think that the federal R&D grant you just received is “free money,” but your grant comes with strings attached.

To help you understand the rules you must follow, we’ve created a definitive whitepaper - “Understanding the Strings Attached to Your Grant Award.

  • The basics of audit oversight
  • Two types of audits to which all grants and similar awards are subject
  • OMB A-133 audit requirements for NIH grants
  • DoE program-specific audit requirements
  • Common findings of OMB A-133 and DoE audits
  • Responsibility for monitoring subcontractor work
  • Consultant invoice requirements
  • Cost sharing allocation
  • Government caps on project compensation
  • Overbilling the government through the overdrawing of funds
  • Common audit findings
  • How to avoid “Inadvertent Fraud?”

This information is designed to help you understand the audit requirements for government grants so you can avoid surprises.

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