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Phase 1 Survival Kit


*Discount Pricing for those associated with an Innovator Support Network

If you don’t have an acceptable accounting system in place, our Phase 1 Survival Kit will make certain you are prepared to account for your government award properly.

The kit includes setting up your QuickBooks Pro data file utilizing the proprietary accounting system developed by Jameson, as well as one-on-one personal training to enable your compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (which requires your ongoing diligence).

Phase 1 Survival Kit

Here’s What You Get:

First, you’ll receive the critical templates and policies that you’ll need to have an “acceptable accounting system.” Then, you will receive 3 hours of Account Manager time (CPAs with more than ten years of experience) for one-on-one training and follow up questions. With the custom set up of your QuickBooks Pro data file and training you’ll be able to:

  • Properly code expenses to your chart of accounts
  • Segregate costs as direct, indirect or unallowable
  • Distribute labor costs in your general ledger
  • Produce accurate job cost report(s)
  • Make deposits and pay bills

Once you’ve completed the training, we will continue to follow the progress of your business. As a bonus, when your company proposes on a cost type award, we will include our Indirect Rate Projection and Cost Proposal Support at no charge (that’s an $895 value). We want you to succeed!

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