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Jameson & Company Indirect Rate Projection Templates

There are five indirect rate projection methodologies from which to choose— all in Excel format. Please download the template that is most appropriate for your business and agency.

NIH Awardees

Fringe and F&A Rate template–This should be used by companies proposing to NIH, who do not already have a negotiated indirect rate. This is the most common NIH indirect rate recovery method.

Fringe and Modified F&A Rate template – For those proposing to NIH who have a written, negotiated indirect rate agreement with NIH already, and whose agreement doesn’t allow them to burden direct subcontract and direct equipment costs with F&A.

DOE and DOD Awardees

Simplified Overhead Rate template – Good for software companies and those businesses whose main cost driver is people (with immaterial other direct costs). 

Overhead and G&A Rate template – Commonly used by companies bidding on DOE and DOD funding with large amounts of direct materials, direct subcontractors and direct consultant costs. This template will create an overhead rate to apply to your direct employees and a much smaller G&A rate to burden your other direct costs. This is the most commonly used DOE and DOD indirect rate recovery method.

Fringe, Overhead and G&A Rate template – For DOE and DOD awardees who have very expensive employees and want to break out the fringe benefits costs—payroll taxes, health and dental insurance, pension— separately in order to make the overhead rate appear more reasonable. This is commonly used by companies with significant overhead costs.


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